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Meijer Members - COVID-19 Update

Information regarding COVID-19 and how it will impact Meijer members.
For guidelines and FAQ's regarding COVID-19, including what is being done to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and ensure our members stay healthy and safe, click here.
UFCW 951 has been in ongoing communication with Meijer regarding the company’s handling of the COVID-19 health crisis. It is clear that the company is diligently working to ensure the best decisions are made for its employees, customers and communities.

9/3/20 Update

In appreciation of your continued work during the pandemic, today all UFCW 951 members at Meijer will receive a $100 deposit into their Meijer Rewards account. In mid-November, members will receive a $250 deposit in their Meijer Rewards account, and in mid-December they will receive another $250 in their Meijer Rewards account.

5/15/20 Update

→ The $2 per hour Appreciation Pay increase has been extended through June 20 for all Meijer members.

4/21/20 Update

The $2 per hour Appreciation Pay increase has been extended through May 30 for all Meijer members.

4/13/20 Update

→ Members who test positive for COVID-19 will receive four weeks at the 100% pay continuation plan. This was previously 2 weeks.

4/1/20 Update

→ All UFCW 951 members may now use gloves that will be provided, subject to availability. By Monday (4/6/20), the company should receive a significant shipment to support this. Procurement is working on making masks available as well.

→Sneeze guards are being installed in Meijer stores to protect members that are exposed at service points.

→To ensure the health and safety of our members, health screening will be implemented in all stores. At this time, this screening will include three questions. 

→Make-Shift Breakroom Space: To promote social distancing in breakrooms, tables and chairs are to be removed from breakrooms and placed in the GM backroom and Team Centers to allow a minimum of 6 feet between each member. Extra breakroom space must cleaned and sanitized on the same level as other breakrooms.

3/28/20 Update Regarding Health Screenings

With the rise of coronavirus cases in Michigan, several counties are requiring retailers to conduct health screenings on their employees and vendors to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep workers and customers as safe as possible.

 At Meijer, these screenings will require workers to answer a series of questions, (see the links below for details). UFCW 951 urges members who have a pre-existing condition that may cause them to answer “yes” to one of the health questions to explain this in their answer.

Based on their answers, workers may be sent home for a period of time, with or without pay, as described in the links below. These workers may become eligible for pay under the Meijer COVID-19 Pay Continuation Plan if a doctor or health authority confirms they must be off work due to the coronavirus.

Due to the pandemic being considered an “Act of God,” Meijer is not obligated to pay workers sent home the contractually mandated four-hour guarantee. However, through discussions with the company, UFCW 951 has secured two hours of pay for workers in this situation.

Meijer may begin conducting screenings on workers in other counties as a precautionary measure. If that is the case, they will follow similar guidelines as directed by their county officials.

Oakland County

Washtenaw County

3/22/20 Update:

→All hourly members in stores, pharmacy, supply chain and manufacturing will be receiving an appreciation bonus of $2 per hour for hours worked, paid on a weekly basis, starting Sunday, March 22 through May 2.

President Cakmakci is aggressively advocating for workers at ALL of our employers as we continue to see the effects of COVID-19 unfold across the state. Thank you for the sacrifices you're making each and every day. We're with you.

3/19/20 Updates:

UFCW 951 worked with the governor's office to get our members included in an Executive Order that will make child care available to workers. See the latest info here.

→Members on a Meijer medical plan will automatically receive a free screening after entering their insurance information. For more information click here.

→To read the update regarding the use of gloves and masks, click here.