Steward Resources

Steward Resources

Committed and hard-working, union stewards are critical to the success of UFCW 951. You are the union’s eyes, ears and voice in the workplace and in the community. You are often the union’s “first responders.” The effectiveness of your actions, communications, and relationships is critical to the success of your union.

Serving as a Steward

Any active UFCW 951 member is eligible to serve as a union steward. Stewards serve three-year terms from the date of their election or appointment. Being a UFCW 951 steward comes with many responsibilities that must be taken seriously. All stewards sign a Commitment to Excellence Agreement promising to fulfill the position’s duties. Failure to perform assigned responsibilities results in removal from the position.

In some units or shops, steward elections are held if there are more members interested in being a steward than there are steward vacancies.

If a vacancy occurs, and there’s no interest in (or only one nominee for) the steward position, UFCW 951 reserves the right to appoint a steward.

If you’re an active UFCW 951 member, and would like to become a steward, call your union representative at 1.800.999.0951

Helpful Resources

UFCW 951 works to ensure stewards receive training and information to make them successful in their positions as member representatives.

To help you excel in your role as a steward, we have prepared a training handbook and tutorial videos. We also provide hands-on training at our annual steward conferences and deliver important news and updated union matters directly to stewards through The Steward Update, a regular publication designed exclusively for you.

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