News : Membership Matters Give-a-Way 2020 Prizes Awarded!

Membership Matters Give-a-Way 2020 Prizes Awarded!

1/25/2021 4:00:00 AM

Over $20,000 in prizes — including vacation packages, gift cards, electronics and a $5,000 Dream Vacation Package — were randomly awarded to UFCW 951 members during 2020!
Winners of the Membership Matters Give-a-Way prizes will be announced each month throughout the year. To enter the Membership Matters Give-a-Way, contact your union representative at 1.800.999.0951 for a postage-paid entry form.

The 2021 entry form is available here.

Here are the winners from the 2020 giveaway:

Pictures coming soon....

Amanda Stroven from Rite Aid #1525 --- 60" Smart TV
Beverly Siefken from Polly's #14 --- $400 Delta Air Lines Gift Card
Ashley LaMott Meijer #316 --- Union Jacket
Christopher Ortman from Meijer #580 --- Union Jacket

Marlon Atkinson from JBS --- $5,000 Dream Vacation Package
Jeffrey Blevins from Meijer #92 --- MIS Experience
Nancy Rivera from Rite Aid #1482 --- Union Jacket
Wyatt Peterson from Harding's #400 --- Union Jacket