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Retirement Center

UFCW 951 retiree groups will continue to meet in 2016 as the local looks to provide members with additional ways to stay connected.
Retiree Luncheons

UFCW 951 holds retiree meetings across the state.

At these meetings, retirees have the opportunity to socialize with fellow retirees and learn how they can become involved in UFCW 951 events and activities. The events also feature special guest speakers and door prizes.

Meetings are held in different locations — on different dates — across the state throughout the year.

The next retiree meeting will be a breakfast held on: CHECK BACK SOON!

UFCW 951 Retiree Club

UFCW 951 has an active retiree club. Its members join forces on important legislative issues that affect union members are retirees. The Retiree Club also enjoys a host of seasonal events and regular meetings.

For more information on the UFCW 951 Retirees Club, contact Todd Regis at 1.800.999.0951 ext. 111, or via email.

Retirement Resources

When you're ready to retire, properly filing for retirement - and doing so in a timely manner - is essential for receiving the maximum benefits.

Here are all the resources you'll need to prepare.

Meijer Retirement Services
Meijer Retirement Services - 1.866.681.6116

Benefits Resources for Meijer

Meijer HR Contact Center - 1.800.346.8281 (by Tie-line at 8-982-5750)

UFCW National Pension Fund (Plumb's, Rite Aid, Harding's and Kroger)

The National Pension Fund provides pension benefits for eligible members of 60 local unions across the country. This fund has more than 500 contributing employers, 100,000 active participants and 60,000 retired pensioners and beneficiaries. UFCW 951 employers participating in this fund include: Plumb's, Rite Aid, Harding's and Kroger.

UFCW National Pension Fund
P.O. Box 6000
Frankfort, IL 60423-6000
Phone: 1.800.531.2385
Fax: 1.312.329.7923