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Member Publications

Get your UFCW 951 news in print and on line. UFCW 951 publishes a bi-monthly newsletter and monthly handbill for all members, along with a special stewards' only publication. You can access current and back issues of these publications here.
Download print publications from the links below, or visit the News section on this website for the most current information.

The Voice of 951

The Voice of 951 is the official publication of UFCW 951. It has been mailed to active members and participating retirees on a quarterly basis for the past several years, but as of January 2014 UFCW 951 began bi-monthly publishing.

This publication provides a complete overview of union activities and information in regard to labor in and around Michigan. Progress in various arenas are covered including contract negotiations, membership programs, legislation, politics, organizing, actions, fundraising and general news.

- 2020 -
May   August   October

- 2019 -
March   July   September   December

- 2018 -
January   September   October

- 2017 -
January    April   June    September

- 2016 -
January    April    June    September

- 2015 -
January    April    June    October


The 951 Bulletin

UFCW 951 Bulletin is a monthly publication, designed to give members a quick update of union news and notice of upcoming events. The flyer is distributed at the workplace by union representatives. If you would like to receive an e-mail copy of future Bulletins during the first week of publication, call the UFCW 951 Communications Department at 1.800.999.0951. Bulletins can be downloaded below.

- 2020 -

Issue 91

Issue 92

ssue 93

ssue 94

ssue 95

ssue 96

Issue 97

Issue 98

- 2019 -

Issue 80

Issue 81

Issue 82

Issue 83

Issue 84

Issue 85

Issue 86

Issue 87

Issue 88

Issue 89

Issue 90

- 2018 -

Issue 69  (Spanish)

Issue 70  (Spanish)

Issue 71  (Spanish)

Issue 72  (Spanish)

Issue 73  (Spanish)

Issue 74  

Issue 75

Issue 76

Issue 77

Issue 78

Issue 79

The Steward Update

The Steward Update is a regular publication of UFCW 951, designed exclusively for stewards to aid them in keeping the membership informed and updated regarding all union matters.








September  (Spanish)

May  (Spanish)

March/April  (Spanish)


October/November (Spanish)

July/August   (Spanish)

May/June  (Spanish)

February/March  (Spanish)


November 2015  

August 2015  (Spanish)

May 2015   (Spanish)

February 2015  (Spanish)